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Even if you are running on top notch technology, like Microsoft or VMware, a solid network is still a necessity for things to run smoothly.


As the network grows, connectivity increases, and speeds increase.  Simply connecting more devices won’t cut it.


Semaphore Co is here to help. From network design to implementation, we’ll ensure that your deployment is solid, speedy and secure.






Organic growth for produce is great, but for networks, not so much. With wired, wireless, virtual and storage workloads all running over the same network, design and engineering are essential. This not only optimizes performance, it ensures that bits and bytes arrive at their final destination safe and secure.

Whether you’re deploying a network from the ground up, or looking to set your existing network in the right direction, our engineers can ensure that no packet goes undelivered.

  • WAN and LAN Design
  • Storage and Converged Network Design
  • Redundant Network Adaptations
  • Internal and External Routing Design







Did you know that human error accounts for a majority of network outages? With the increase in vendors in the network space and a wide variety of command lines and syntax, it comes as no surprise.

Our team can help ensure that no downtime is unplanned by sticking to our methodologies and having a certification or two.

Whether building a new network or expanding an existing one, Semaphore Co can meet your network implementation needs.

  • Brocade, Cisco, Dell and HP Network Experts
  • Internal and External Routing Experts
  • Cisco, Dell and Fortigate Security Appliance Experts






Despite the emphasis on network security outside the organization, most network attacks occur from within. This makes internal security equally important as external security.

With the end user having as many as three devices, this creates more exposures and more avenues for malicious activity.

Semaphore Co can help ensure that both insiders and outsiders are treated equally in the eyes of network security.

  • 802.1X Wireless and Wired Security
  • Fire Wall Implementation and Remediation
  • Network Segmentation and Isolation
  • Network Audits